Do they still make and sell Wringer Washing machines?

Answer Yes

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Do they still make wringer washing machines?

Wringer washing machines are still produced, as of June 2010. They are popular because they use less water and electricity than modern washing machines. However, these machines are not appropriate ... Read More »

Do appliances such as washing machines use electricity when they are turned off but still plugged in?

Yes, if your appliances have electronic clocks or timers as part of their equipment then there will be an electrical consumption of power. It will be very minimal costing probably a few cents a month.

Why don't they make pink washing machines?

Aw! How sweet of you to think that! *sigh* But also blatantly arrogant! *slap* (Men should do laundry too!)

Are RCA washing machines still manufactured?

While RCA washing machines used to be manufactured, the RCA brand is now largely used for televisions and car stereo equipment. The only remaining household appliance with the RCA brand is microwav... Read More »