Why are they still making cigarettes when they know its killing people?

Answer people are addicted and bad people know they can make money and manipulate the helpless

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Would cigarettes still be legal if they were invented today?

Why wouldn't they be.Last time I checked adults where adult enough to make their own decisions and if they want to smoke it's all on them.

On strike it lucky what is a hot spot not?

How old are the green Lucky Strike flat tins?

The Lucky Strike packaging color was changed from green to white in 1942, using the advertising slogan "Lucky Strike has gone to war." Although the change corresponded with the war, it was the resu... Read More »

Will they make a Lucky Star season 2?

It's been announced, and should be airing in January-ish. Not quite sure on the details myself, but it's from a reliable source, I assure you.