Do they speak French in Egypt?

Answer According to "The CIA World Fact Book," although Arabic is the official language of Egypt, both French and English are widely spoken, especially by the educated classes. Egypt has a population of m... Read More »

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Do they speak French in Canada?

Canada has two official languages: English and French. English is more prevalent in the majority of Canada. French roots run deep in Quebec, where many people speak French, or both French and Engli... Read More »

Do they speak French in Morocco?

Because of France's colonization of Morocco in the 20th century, the French language remains an important, and the unofficial "third language," of Morocco. French is taught universally in the count... Read More »

Where do they speak French in Central America?

Panama is the home of the only French-speaking community in Central America. There, a dwindling number of descendants from former French colonies in the Caribbean retain a Creole version of the lan... Read More »

How to Speak French?

Souhaitez-vous parler français utilize the spoken language will help you to improve your skills of speaking French. There are many other simple ways to aid your learning of this language which are... Read More »