Do they sell vibrators with USB connectors on them ?

Answer Yep, I found one for you.…

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What are Side Effects of Vibrators?

According to, 53 percent of women and 45 percent of men use vibrators during sex. Although vibrators help release sexual tension, be careful when using them.Vaginal InfectionsAlwa... Read More »

Are vibrators illegal in Alabama?

It has been illegal to buy and/or sell a vibrator in the state of Alabama ever since a 1998 law banned the distribution of devices that provide genital stimulation. A person may face up to 1 year i... Read More »

How do mobile phone vibrators work?

There's a tiny electric motor inside the cell phone, attached to the motor is an off-center weight when the motor spins the weight vibrates much like a car with a flat tire would when it's improper... Read More »

Might be a silly question, but I'm being serious: Do you ever worry about your vibrators made in China?

There are "green" sex toys that can be purchased online. In the meantime, the backside of a vibrating toothbrush can be used on your clit (I don't want you to suffer while waiting for the delivery).