Do they sell "American Cheese" in other countries?

Answer They better, we sell that crappy Swiss cheese. I'm suprised that GW didn't make them change it to "Freedom Cheese"

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How is cheese transported to other countries?

Care must be taken when transporting cheese because it is liable to lose its shape or to spoil. Cheese must be handled properly and kept at a constant temperature to be transported successfully.Pro... Read More »

Do other countries have American restaurants like the US would have other nation's cuisine?

yes .they call them kfc,macdonalds,burgerking

How do American soldiers help other countries?

They train the policemans and the soldiers. They also feed and look after peoples and sometimes they protects them from all attacks from enemies. In Afghanistan Americans and French soldiers help t... Read More »

Are American military viewed as terrorists in other countries?

no....! certainly not. when it was created in june 1775, it was a revolutionary organization against great britan