Do they only allow women to shop at

Answer Yes they do. In fact, if you give any indication at all that you might be male, you're more shopping for you. They do not sell to men period. I've even heard of cases where UPS refuses... Read More »

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Places to Shop for Clothes for Women Over 50?

Not long ago, once a woman reached age 50, it was generally expected that she would give up wearing trendy styles and settle into a more classic, matronly look. But mature women in the 21st century... Read More »

Can you buy a sky remote control on Amazoncom?

No, it is impossible to buy this on The sky cannot be controlled, and I dont even think that there is such a thing as a sky remote sontrol. alk to your electronics store.

How to Shop for Shoes That Make Your Legs Look Longer (Women)?

We are going to skip the most obvious way to make your legs look longer by wearing a longer heel and focus on 3 key points that most women might not know. The color, type of toe and ankle straps or... Read More »

Which product from Google is finally available for pre-order from Amazoncom?

The Google Nexus One Android cellphone is available via Amazon.