Do they make white wine from green grapes?

Answer White wine can be made from white, green, red & black grapes.Red wine can be made only from red/black grapes -- that is because the juice of most grapes is clear and the red colour comes only from ... Read More »

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Is grapejuice made from wine grapes just like wine?

No, commercial grape juices like Welch's are usually made from Concord grapes while wine grapes are a lot of different varieties depending on where they're grown and what type of wine they're inten... Read More »

How are grapes used to make wine?

The fermented juice from grapes has been used to make wine for more than 8,000 years. Archaeologists believe wine making began on what is now the border of Georgia and Iran about 6000 B.C. But, acc... Read More »

Can you freeze grapes to make wine?

Freezing grapes will not turn their juice into wine. The International Wine of the Month Club notes that grape juice has to ferment to become wine. According to Brehm Vineyards’ online article, p... Read More »

Do wine grapes come true from seeds?

You can grow wine grapes from seeds, but the wine grapes won't come true. The vines don't turn out like either of their parents; seeds from a chardonnay grape, for example, wouldn't necessarily gro... Read More »