Do they make black & white flat screen TV’s?

Answer lmao..i think they do..they're called broken ones.

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These words - 'BLACK' and 'WHITE' - are they colours If so, can I call my black n white TV a coloured TV?

OMG I can't believe these people here who are answering your question think that you are being serious about this.

Can Anything Flat And White Be Used As A Projector Screen ?

Yes you can use anything flat & white as a screen. "BUT" WHY WOULD YOU? There are special paints available at elctronic shops where they sell ... Read More »

Do flat screen TVs use power when they are turned off?

Unless its power cord is unplugged or its power strip is turned off, a flat screen television runs on a "Standby Mode" and still uses a small amount of power.References:Flat Panel TV: Power Saving ... Read More »

How can I get my Dish network remote to work with a White Westinghouse flat screen TV?

I have provided the TV codes for your White Westinghouse TV and the TV codes. Codes: 500, 719, 659, 674, 672, 670, and 664. Remotes: Basic (Television Only) Turn the Television On.Press and hold ... Read More »