Do they make an over the counter pill that can relieve minor aches and pains?

Answer Tylenol. Advil, Motrin or Aspirin . Sometimes a cool compress to your forehead helps or drink a cup of coffee. And get some rest. Check your temp.

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Chest pains, stomach aches and slight random limb pains?

For the stomach, could be really bad acid reflex/heart burn. Also, could be a ucler, but the pain would had to go on for months to get this problem. Not sure about the limb pain.

You missed your period and you just started taking the pill last week and you should have got it then you have been more tired with back pains If i am pregnant could the pill hurt the baby?

Answer Firstly back pain is not a usual early pregnancy symptom. If you are pregnant, taking the pill will not harm the baby in any way. When you first start taking the pill, you should wait unt... Read More »

How to relieve muscle aches fast?

Hi :) I get those aches alot too - As I participate in sports quite alot! x) What I usually do is apply some heat cream to the affected muscle, It really does help! I wouldnt recommend icing the mu... Read More »

What are all these aches and pains I've been having recently?

Your muscles aren't inflamed, they are tight and causing the pain. They need to be freed back up to get rid of the pains and I'll get a few of them so you can see how it does work. Here's how to ... Read More »