Do they make a computer chip for a Porsche 996?

Answer The engine of the Porsche 996 is controlled by a computer chip. It is a popular aftermarket upgrade to install a new chip which tunes the engine to higher-performance settings, which may allow for ... Read More »

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How to I make fish masala like they do in the chip shop; I have a deep fat fryer.?

Ingredients2 lbs fish fillets or steak (I use tilapia fillets)1.5 cups plain yogurt2 tsp garlic paste1 tsp salt or to taste1 tsp garam masala powder (available at most Indian stores)1 tsp carom see... Read More »

What are the ingredients in dental sealants and if they chip off what effect do they have if swallowed?

Answerask your dentist AnswerI just found something I suspected, but could not prove. Check out this article.If you cannot get to this link, go to the "National Wildlife Foundation" web site, clic... Read More »

Is there a certain chip inside a computer that will show you everything that you ever had on your computer?

go to and download a program called "recuva'use this to scan your entire hard drive and it will show all the files that have been deleted but not yet overwritten. its not a guarantee b... Read More »

How big is a computer chip?

The first chip was engineered by Jack Kilby for Texas Instruments. This integrated circuit measured 7/16 by 1/16-inches. The functionality of chips continues to increase as the size gets smaller, ... Read More »