Do they make a black PSP slim?

Answer The PlayStation Portable, a small electronic device made by Sony, is a game system. The PSP slim does come in a choice of black for a user who is fond of that color.Source:PSP Slim and Lite: PSP Sl... Read More »

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Do they still make copies of the Slim Shady Lp and the Marshall Mathers LP?

Yes, you'll just have to order it in in a cd shop. But they still sell it on iTunes!

Do they make black & white flat screen TV’s?

lmao..i think they do..they're called broken ones.

Are they going to make a call of duty zombies black ops for ipod touch?

There have been several tuners but the truth is that they are just gonna add the maps fro black ops Nazi zombies to the zombies game on iPod sometime during the winter of 2015

Do black tattoos fade at all, or will they still be nice and black well into the future?