Do they make a GPS Navigator that can recommend a Scenic Route?

Answer Some board discussions listed here seem to indicate that there are units out there that 'do' scenic routes:…Newer databases list points of interest (POI) t... Read More »

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Is there a GPS Road Navigator that can give you the simplest route?

yes, you need to look at newelectronx gps. it gives exactly what you are asking for and then so. best wishes.

What is a roadside diner along Route 66 that you can recommend?

Mr. D's Diner - Kingman, AZGoldie's Route 66 Diner - Williams, AZGalaxy Diner - Flagstaff, AZHighway Diner - Winslow, AZRoute 66 Diner - Albuquerque, NM:-)

Do they still make planes that are called air force one or did they stop doing that?

Air Force 1 is the call-sign and designation of any aircraft carrying the President of the United States of America. This means that if the President moves from one aircraft to another then the des... Read More »

Can someone recommend a movie that will make me cry?

What Dreams May Become with Robin Williams, horribly depressing movie with a great/interesting story line will make you cry yet has a great ending.