Do they have to put any thing down my throat?

Answer just a mask over your mouth and then count down from 10 then it's night night time and you'll wake up later with a bionic ankle!

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Sore throat and swollen thing in back of throat.?

Definitely a severe infection. Make an appointment to see your doctor or get to a med clinic. You will need antibiotics indefinitely. In the meantime, gurgle some warm water mixed with natural sea ... Read More »

What is the best thing to take when you have a sore throat?

I have an extremely sore throat _ what is the best thing to take?

gargle salt water or take halls but the salt water is best

Local council own fence which borders my garden.. it blew down & they say they have no ££s to repair it. HELP!?

Ring them and tell them you intend to go to the local and Daily newspapers, local TV with the story if they don't promise to fix it in the near future.