Do they have the Late Nights at every Applebees?

Answer Yeah it does depend on the store and especially it's location.The busiest ones stay open till bar closing time, the ones in areas that receive little traffic after 9, close then--

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Is it good for the children to watch television in the late nights?

no...children need to have enough sleep so that their brains will be able to develop properly. it will be a bad habit for them to stay up late watching tvs.

Applebees or chilis which do you think has better food i think applebees?

I get 4L of white wine that lasts 3-4 nights. only 2 nights in over the past month i have not had any?

any excessive alcohol consumption will have health implications if its prolonged. are you a social drinker or do you drink alone? if so you might want to look at why you are drinking so regularly a... Read More »

Who was the musical guest on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson August 6 2009?