Do they have school loans that pay for school and housing?

Answer All student loans can cover school related expenses, including books, fees, housing, and living expenses. The reason that they don't, usually, is because tuition is high and there are limits to wha... Read More »

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How much money would my parent have to pay if i went to school in a town that they do not live in?

If you have a physical address in that town then you have nothing to worry about. (You have to have lived there for 6 months....but I know many who have gotten away with it) But if you can't use y... Read More »

Do I have to pay for my student loans even through med school?

If you don't go to medical school within 6 months of graduating college, you will have to start paying back your loans during that time. So you better have the means to pay your loans during those... Read More »

I am applying for Graduate School and hoping to secure all of the 20,500 that is available for direct loans?

In order for you to receive the max loan amount of $20,500, your Cost of Attendance would have to be at least that much(each schools COA is different) AND your EFC would have to be zero. So to get... Read More »

What is the show where they solve misteries in their elememtry school... the title is a phrase that they say all the time?

Anything is Flying Rhino Junior High! Either that, or the "Vampires Don't _______" books...where every book in the series was a lesson in mythology and monsters.