Do they have scanners?

Answer Well it will depend on the library really, but yes some do have scanners, although there is a general limit on the amount of pages you can scan for a copyrighted book or document.thanks hope that h... Read More »

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How do they program the scanners to read the bar codes for the price/item on merchandise?

Bar codes are thick and thin. There are half a dozen different code schemes based on how far away the bar code will be and how fast it is moving. A laser and a mirror "read" the bar code by convert... Read More »

I want a scanner. They use to be called flat bed scanners and I need help.?

Check out for some info on scanners...

Do they make slide scanners that scan multiple slides at a time?

The only one worth your time would be the Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 with the SF-210 batch feeder for scanning your 35mm slides. This will cost you around 1100 for the scanner and 300-400 for the fe... Read More »

Do libraries have scanners?

Most libraries use bar code scanners to track inventory of books and magazines. Instead of checking a book out of the library, a patron can use a copier with scanning capabilities to scan a documen... Read More »