Can I rename a web address for insertion into an email so I don't have the long address?

Answer You can create a shorter version of a web address to insert in an email using a number of URL-shortener websites. Some popular URL shorteners are TinyURL, shortURL and Engine L... Read More »

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If you reply to someone on Craigslist, do they see your email address?

If you have an ad and a buyer sends you an e-mail, replying once will NOT diminish your privacy. Replying twenty times will still maintain your privacy. The only way your e-mail address will be por... Read More »

If I use my schools wifi to open an email, will they be able to see that same email, if they wanted to?

Generally no. However if they have a proxy or traffic capture device running when you were originally creating the email then it is possible that they could have captured your user name and passwor... Read More »

How can i sent my message to my friends in friendster.they will always says that verify email can?

Whenever you log-on to Friendster (enter the site's homepage wherein you have to type your user name and address), a confirmation message will appear that says you should verify your email to be ab... Read More »

Can you have Gmail if you have another email address?