Do these sound like legit period symtoms?

Answer Yeah those r.normally what I get walking and midol does it for me

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What do these symptoms sound like?

= please consider what I type - but DON'T TAKE IT TO HEART - l am NOT a doctor - - and if I were a doctor - I would not diagnosis without seeing a person in person- however - I would guess that it ... Read More »

Do these symptons sound like diabetes?

Diabetes MellitusEssentials of diagnosis.(1) Usually gradual in adults but acute in children.(2) Polyuria (excretion of excessive amount of urine) , intense thirst.(3) Nocturia (void of urine at ni... Read More »

Do these symptoms sound like a misaligned c1 (atlas)?

yes, but then most health problems in general are. see an hio method chiropractor.

Do these Ebay extensions seem legit?

lol thats crazy cheap, maybe its for a strand of hair haha...I get my extensions from Celebrity Strands, they have a store online where you can buy comes with a entire pack of extensions ... Read More »