Do these sound like legit period symtoms?

Answer Yeah those r.normally what I get walking and midol does it for me

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Just got a text from a random number, seems legit and a legit area code, do I trust it?

Spam.Anything that seems too good to be true...probably is.

Why does my voice sound better when I'm on my period?

That's interesting. I've found it to be the opposite and most other female singers tend to feel that they sing better when they are NOT on their period. Of course, if you've got a decent amount of ... Read More »

Symtoms of diabetes type 1 & 2?

well there is no symptom differences.....however there are still two different things...type 1 is through gentics where tpye 2 is through the foods you eat...also, type one means that your body dos... Read More »

What are the symtoms for gestational diabetes?

Your doctor will order oral glucose tolerance test or fasting blood sugar test.