Do the veins in your breasts start to show more in early pregnancy?

Answer Yes they often appear to be larger and more pronounced quite early in the pregnancy

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Is it normal for your breasts to be more sensitive and tender at certain times and not others during early pregnancy?

Answer This actually happened to me with both my children. Although my breasts were generally sore throughout my pregnancy, the degree of pain varied. They were bad in beginning, better in the mi... Read More »

Is an early sign of pregnancy sensitive nipples two weeks before your period and slightly raised blue veins around them where you have never had these symptoms before and breasts are slightly fuller?

Answer yes that is a symptom, nipples do become sorer and veins more noticable, though this could mean many things gte a test to fid out for sure, if you ar pregnant you will strart to notice the ... Read More »

Are dark blue veins on your breasts a sign of pregnancy?

AnswerIf you know you are pregnant and have dark blue veins that is quite normal.If that is the only sign you have, you may not be pregnant as it is just a sign of increased blood flow, this could ... Read More »

Does the veins in your breasts become more noticeable when you are pregnant?

Answer Yes. Mine started to become noticeable at about my third month, but everybody is different.