Do the stems of the lupine plant collect energy from the sun?

Answer Lupine plant stems are green and contain chlorophyll that collect energy from the sun. All green parts of plants contain chlorophyll, which traps light and uses it to convert water and carbon dioxi... Read More »

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Lucky bean plant has mealy bugs and unidentified eggs / parasite on stems which look like part of plant?

How do i plant lupine seeds?

Seed PreparationWet a paper towel and lay it on a plate. Pour out the seeds onto the wet paper towel so that they are not touching one another. Cover the seeds with another wet paper towel and wa... Read More »

How do I plant rose stems?

Take the CuttingTake cuttings from blooming roses in the fall, Cut 4 to 6 inches off the end of one of the branches, and use it as your rose cutting. Dip the bottom 2 inches of the rose cutting in ... Read More »

How to Graft Plant Stems?

Grafting is a common method of plant reproduction. It very simply means joining a scion, or the top of one plant, to a rootstock, or bottom of another plant. It is effective on many types of plants... Read More »