Do the seats on an American Airlines 767 have TVs?

Answer The American Airlines Boeing 767 aircraft does not have televisions on the seats except in first class. Projector video screens are located at rows 2, 7 and 25, and video monitors are found at rows... Read More »

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Do United Airlines& American Airlines have an interline agreement?

While both American Airlines and United Airlines have partner airlines, they do not have an agreement with each other. American has 21 partner airlines, while United has a business agreement with 3... Read More »

Is Hawaiian Airlines an affiliate of American Airlines?

No, Hawaiian Airlines is not an affiliate of American Airlines. It is a commercial airline owned by Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. It does, however, have a partner program with American Airlines, whereby ... Read More »

Do American airlines have the same regulations as European airlines?

Airlines that operate in Europe are subject to regulations imposed by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), while airlines in the United States are subject to the regulations of the U.S. Fede... Read More »

How do i get the best seats on airlines?

Book earlyPerhaps the best advice when booking flights is to book early. Confirming flight reservations early not only saves you money, it provides you with the opportunity to view a wide open airc... Read More »