Do the sata caples look the same?

Answer yes, they look the same, some of them have writing on saying what cable it is. better to look up the spcs of the hard drive to find out what SATA connection it has

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Is an eSATA cable the same as a SATA?

SATA and eSATA cables are not the same. While they have the same number of internal wires (seven), the connectors on the ends are different, preventing one type of cable from being used for the oth... Read More »

What is a group of four people that are born on the same day and look the same is called?

Can Windows XP be loaded on a SATA hard drive without the SATA drives?

Both the 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows XP can only be installed onto a SATA hard drive if the necessary SATA drivers are installed onto the system during the setup process.References:Microsoft... Read More »

Will a SATA 2 hard drive work in a SATA 1 controller?

Yes. SATA 2 hard drives are backward compatible, which means that SATA 1 controllers will detect them. The only difference is that they will run at SATA 1 speeds rather than SATA 2 speeds. Some con... Read More »