Does the moon rise every night at the same time&in the same location in the sky?

Answer No, the moon rises at a different time each day and is in a different place in the sky due to the rotation of the earth and the revolution around the sun. The time the moon becomes visible is known... Read More »

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What Are the Three Economic Questions Every Country Must Answer?

Most of economics relies on a social science platform of measuring and theorizing about how, when and why money will be spent by consumers and businesses. Before this can happen, three key question... Read More »

Consistency test: do you come up with the same answer for both questions?

1. I'm fully responsible for my own actions and choices, and the results and consequences thereof. I stopped blaming my parents for everything years ago. It's pretty much mandatory to do so when yo... Read More »

Do you get the same haircut every time you get your hair cut ?

Yes I do. I have never changed hair colour either. Maybe blue hair would fit my blue eyes. Lol

Do the days get shorter at the same time every year?