Do the police need a warrant to search a backpack?

Answer The police do not need a warrant to search your backpack if you consent to the search. They can also search your backpack without a warrant to assure their safety and that of the public.References:... Read More »

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Can police search your car without a warrant?

A police officer can search the interior of your car without a warrant. This is classified as a Terry search and can be performed when a police officer has sufficient reason to believe that you're ... Read More »

What Do the Police Need to Obtain a Search Warrant?

Have the police ever knocked on your door, announced their presence and served you with a search warrant? Let's go one step further. If the police conducted a search, think about what they were lo... Read More »

Do the police need a search warrant to view a GPS?

A warrant is required to view a GPS unless the display screen is in plain sight at the time of a lawful police stop or incident leading to an arrest. Retrieving other information from a GPS beyond ... Read More »

What does a police officer need to justify a search warrant?

According to Utah State Courts, police officers need to show an affidavit of probable cause to justify a search warrant. A neutral judge reviews the affidavit to determine whether it contains subst... Read More »