Do the numbers ever end?

Answer No, the numbers never end. Whatever number you can think of, you can always add 1 to it.Similarly: Irrational numbers expressed in digits never end. You'll never find that last digit, even if you t... Read More »

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Did you ever wonder how all the phone numbers in tv and movies start with 555?

Do social security numbers ever start with three zeroes?

Social Security numbers do not begin with three zeroes. The first three digits of a Social Security number are a geographical code; 001 represents numbers issued in New Hampshire. There are also no... Read More »

Are the numbers on the back of the Social Security card the routing numbers for the Federal Reserve?

Newer cards issued by the Social Security Administration have a red number printed on the back. Rumors state that these numbers signify a routing or account number within the Federal Reserve bankin... Read More »

Telephone numbers that start 0845 are they free numbers?

No, they are charged at up to 5p/minute from a landline phone, and more from mobiles. Although originally planned to be "local rate" you will find that they aren't normally included in any inclusi... Read More »