Watch New York Jets vs New York Giants live stream, gaints v jets online NFL?

Answer No i haven't come to the right place since you didn't link anyone to anyplace.

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Do the Pittsburgh Steelers have official cheerleaders?

The Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League does not have an official cheerleading squad. Ironically,The Steeleretts, who graced Pittsburgh sidelines from 1961-1970, were one of the NFL... Read More »

Do NFL teams have their own jets?

While some professional football teams do own their own jets, most charter with commercial airlines. They charter under agreement with major airline companies. Since they only take eight road trips... Read More »

Do jets have windshield wipers?

Jets and other airplanes have windshield wipers. According to the pilot Meryl Getline in her column in "USA Today," they are similar to those in cars, with different speed settings. However, the pi... Read More »

Why do navy jets have two stabilizers?

The navy is critical to protecting the commerce of a country. It protects the ships and waterways to allow goods to be brought to the country. They serve as a defense to prevent anyone from being... Read More »