Do the new MAC commercials make anyone else mad?

Answer I know what you mean. They are making it out to be something that its not; your cool if you buy a mac and your a nerd if you buy a pc. A pc can do anything a mac can do and for half the price.

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Don't you think they should have Got Fruit commercials instead of Got Milk commercials?

Arn't the Florida Orange Juice commercials bad enough :-) I get your point though.

How do they make the direct tv commercials?

It would depend which FOX channel you are looking for, with DISH Network there are several different FOX channels. Fox news on channel 205, Fox Business -channel 206, Fox Movie Channel -133, Fox So... Read More »

Does anyone make a TV which automatically mutes commercials?

my dvr has an option that allows streaming of commercials..which just softens them..doesn't "mute" them..but makes them your cable provider

How are TV commercials supposed to show me how nice a picture they make?

It's marketing. They want you to get used to hearing their name, so when your TV breaks and you go out to buy a new one, you'll think (even subconsciously), "Hey, it's so-and-so TVs! These are supp... Read More »