Do the machines that people use to scan baggage isnt a magnet right?

Answer Don't worry about it. Millions of these things go through these scanners every year with no problems.

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Norton Scan isnt working?

I would first do a Norton-Quickscan (double-click norton icon, goto Norton AntiVirus, and go to scans, double-click QuickScan). This way you can see if it is just the big scan malfunctioning for a... Read More »

Is it unwise to scan a fridge magnet?

Nah, it's fine to scan something magnetic. See, the scanner digitally captures the item with a CCD sensor much like that in a digital camera. Really, there shouldn't be aanything in either a printe... Read More »

McAfee Security Scan Plus installed on multiple machines on my workplace How does it get in?

Since you mention that this is a work computer, odds are that your workplace is setup with the computers in a Server/Workstation scenario with the network controlled by a type of Domain Controller.... Read More »

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