Do the government really want people to quit smoking?

Answer No they dont! but they want to look good in the eye's of the non-smokers who think its disgusting? yet because they dont smoke they can afford the bigger gas guzzling cars for which polute the atmo... Read More »

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People who have quit smoking weed, does it get better?

I've got to say, after banging my head against the wall for months with stupid questions about pot by pot users who can't be bothered to think, this is one of the most amazing set of answers I thin... Read More »

How to Get "Quit Smoking" People to Back Off?

Smoking is a personal choice and right and sometimes those around you refuse to respect that right because they are tired of secondhand smoke and littered butts. If you have heard them out, stated ... Read More »

How many people quit smoking cigarettes and actually succeed?

hi LadyRazz congratulations on your decision to quit.. that's a biggie, as far as the statistics on cold turkey, i don't know... but my experience is that i had to quit several times, before final... Read More »

If the government KNOWS smoking kills people, then why do they still allow cig companies to exist?

Why do people constantly blame the government for their loved one dying of Cancer or Emphysema or other smoking related issues? I am not particularly fond of our government, but I do not think they... Read More »