Do the colors on TV cable connector cords really matter?

Answer The colors are there just to help you get the connections wired to the other connectors correctly. As long as the connectors are correctly connected, the cables can be any color.

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Does it really matter what kind of hdmi cable you buy?

It only matters on really long cable runs, like over 35 feet. Smaller than that and there should be no difference in most cables.That said, there is a such thing as a poorly constructed HDMI cable ... Read More »

Does it really matter if a Cable is gold plated, or made by a well known company like Belkin / Sony, so on?

Name of a cable connector that would be used if the cable was coaxial?

Can you use a dvi-d cable on a dvi-i connector?

Both DVI-D Single-Link and DVI-D Dual-Link cables will connect to a DVI-I interface. The reverse is not true, however. A DVI-I cable will not connect to a DVI-D interface because it has four extra ... Read More »