Do the colors in google mean anything?

Answer I'm not sure why they would put such a random order of colors, but from what I've read, the site's name is based on the misspelling of "Googol" which is a number value of 10^100, & the simple desig... Read More »

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What do the road colors in Google maps mean?

The road colors in Google Maps represent the type of road and traffic conditions. Orange represents interstate highways, yellow represents state highways and white represents local streets. In traf... Read More »

How many colors can a human perceive Example A Nikon D50 - 36bit RGB can see 68719476735 discreet colors?

A human eye can distinguish about 10 million different colors.

What Are the Colors Obtained by Mixing Equal Parts of Two Primary Colors?

All colors are created by mixing two or more of the three primary colors, red, yellow and blue. When equal parts of all three primary colors are mixed together, a neutral color such as gray is prod... Read More »

What are good colors to decorate you kitchen in and what colors for a bath room?

Do you have a piece of favorite art, or a throw pillow, or even a piece of clothing that has a pattern and you're just drawn to the colors; or you could shop for something you love? Use it to deci... Read More »