Do the appeals on wikipedia make you less likely or more likely to donate?

Answer Neither, though they are intrusive and I find them annoying. I preferred before when it was one or two lines of text on the screen, rather than a large photo.

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Who else would rather see ads than all these "personal appeals" at the top of wikipedia pages?

I'm with you. A lot of times, frustrated by a topic that seems to have no coverage outside of Wikipedia, I sigh and click on the search result link, and yeah, I am annoyed by those personal appeals... Read More »

So, I really want to donate to Wikipedia. They have helped me in so many ways...?

If donating money is out of the picture, the easiest and most effective things to donate are a) content and b) time. You could take pictures and upload them to Wikimedia Commons (< http://commons.w... Read More »

How many people do you think donate money to Wikipedia?

I think that this is a very interesting question because the answer is not easy to find. It's easy to find out how much money was donated. According to the Wikimedia Foundation's Form 990 audited b... Read More »

If I donate to Wikipedia, will Jimmy Wales picture disappear?

If your browser handles cookies correctly, it actually will, no matter how much you donate.