Do termites lose their wings?

Answer Termites swarm in the spring. When spring is over, the reproductive termites pry off their wings and do not fly again. They must remove their wings to live underground where they can begin a new co... Read More »

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Do termites always have wings?

Colonies of termites have members with specialized jobs with each termite type having slightly different appearances. Reproductive termites are the only members to have wings. They are also charact... Read More »

Do House Termites Have Wings?

Homeowners are often troubled to find insects swarming inside their home. Termites are damaging pests that nest in soil, but can infest homes and damage the structure by feeding on wood. According ... Read More »

How do termites build their mounds?

Termites live in colonies that can number more than a million insects. In order to house so many termites, they build giant mounds.TypesTo build their mounds, termites harvest raw materials like mu... Read More »

Do Macaroni penguins have their wings out?

Like other penguins, the Macaroni penguin has stiff, short-feathered wings that make the bird incapable of flying. Used primarily as flippers in the water, wings are often held away from the body o... Read More »