Do termites attack people?

Answer Termites are small insects, less than 1-inch long that live in colonies around homes and buildings. Termites feed on wood and paper products and typically won't feed on or bite humans, the exceptio... Read More »

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Do termites bite people?

Certain termites, such as Formosan subterranean soldier termites, are able to bite people, but they generally do not bite humans, according to the Texas A and M System AgriLife Extension. Termite... Read More »

People who attack people with piercings?

Of course they wouldn't react like that in the real world! I think that people pick on us on here because they can hide behind a computer screen and not have to worry about anyone actually confron... Read More »

Can a human with rabies attack other people?

Can they? Yes. Rabies attacks nerve tissue, including the brain, and produces delirium, paranoia, and terror. That's why rabid animals attack people - they're frightened.

What type of dogs attack people the most often?

According to the American Medical Association, an estimated 4.5 million people each year suffer from dog bites, with an average of 20 people in the United States dying annually from injuries suffer... Read More »