Do teeth braces hurt?

Answer your orthodontist will tell you if you need spacers or notand getting a brace does not really hurt, after they put it on the day after it will ache a little bit but that it really.and it will ache ... Read More »

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I have to get teeth braces do they hurt?

don't be nervous. the only time they will hurt is when they tighten them every month. but tylonol can fix that pain. im sure no one will make fun of you. you do want nice teeth don't you? i've had ... Read More »

My teeth hurt so bad !!! [Braces]?

Hi! I got my braces on Sunday (4 days ago) so I am not an expert but I can help you with the know-how. So first off:1. I feel that for some reason there is less pain when my mouth feels clean. So I... Read More »

Is it normal for my braces/teeth to hurt this much?

That's definitely normal. I could barely do anything that involved my mouth for like, four days after I got my braces on. It was terrible. The pain should go away within a week or so. At least most... Read More »

Will my teeth hurt braces off and filling?

I haven't had a cavity with braces on (I've had them before I got braces though), so I'm sorry that I can't really answer your first set of questions.As for the second set, don't worry. I've had ca... Read More »