Do teens make it through a full pregnancy?

Answer Teens undergo full pregnancies as older woman do. This is however if the choise is made to keep the baby. Some however might not be fully developed (pelvic bones etc.) but this depends a lot on how... Read More »

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How Can I Make My TV Full Screen Plugged In Through VGA?

Go thru the Display Settings on your computer, assuming you have Windows XP, then right click the desktop, go to properties. When the Display Properties window appears, go to the settings tab, and ... Read More »

Can you having a menstrual period through your pregnancy throw a home pregnancy test to be negative?

Answer Hard telling really. I took 2 hpts before I started bleeding and they were positive. Then when I was bleeding I took 2 more and they were negative. Haven't gone to the doctor yet. So I'm not... Read More »

How do you get Cory in for an interrogation on csi crime scene investigation dark motives PC game you have went through the full walk through and you still cant get him in Help please.?

make up something to lie to him to get him in and once his in make him tell everything

Full Time Jobs for Teens That Pay Well?

The recession has hit most Americans hard, but the one age group that has had an incredibly difficult time finding work is youth. Due to a high saturation of experienced workers being laid off, the... Read More »