Do teenagers get discharge after conception?

Answer Discharge normal If you mean right after conception, it could be a few different fluids coming out. If you mean days afterward, all women have discharge and its not necessarily from conception. Onc... Read More »

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Does the military ever reverse an honorable discharge to a dishonorable discharge if he or she commits capital murder after being discharged from the military?

No. If you commit a crime as a civilian after you've been separated from the military, it has no impact on your discharge. Not that it really matters - you get convicted for a capital crime, no dis... Read More »

Do you discontinue geritol after conception?

Do women ovulate after conception?

Answeryour Period is the beginning of a new "Menstural cycle" Women ovulate once a month usually about 14 days (give or take a few)after the first day of their last period. If you did conceive (bec... Read More »

Is diarrhea the day after conception normal?

Answer How do you know the day you conceived? That's nearly impossible to know. But one probably has nothing to do with the other. Answer Only if you drank beer the night before. Answer You can... Read More »