Do teenagers do better in school with more sleep?

Answer According to the National Sleep Foundation, not only do teenagers perform better in school with extra sleep, but they also tend to have higher concentration skills and a lower incidence of depressi... Read More »

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Do babies sleep better when they eat more during the day?

There is no proof that a baby sleeps better when he eats more during the day. From birth to approximately four months of age, an infant requires feedings of breast milk or formula around every thre... Read More »

Do you sleep with one, two or more pillows?

Why do I feel more energized even with no sleep?

it is not healthy at all too miss out on that much sleep your body needs it but you are nw in a bad pattern. try winding down an hour before you want to get to sleep i.e bath etc. then when your in... Read More »

How to Sleep Better with Exercise?

A number of sleep studies have discovered that daytime exercise promotes better sleep. Even walking 1 mile as an older adult can help your sleep cycles, although doctors recommend 150 minutes of mo... Read More »