Do teenage girls go through a stage where they are all vegetarians?

Answer Teenage girls go through a lot of hormonal changes, which lead many to become overly enamoured of animals (girls love horses right?). This boils down to the formation of empathy and a "nurturing" ... Read More »

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What show was it where they investigate the death of a man who kills himself through electrocution through his genitals while in his hotel room?

Ha! I've been looking everywhere for the answer to this question, and I finally figured it out!! :-)It's called La Ley del Monte and it's by Vicente Ferndandez!! :-DGod Bless!! Que Dios te Bendiga!... Read More »

What do teenage boys look forin teenage girls?

the younger the guy, the more he will care about looks because he isn't looking for a serious relationship (of course there are exceptions to this). older guys will care about looks to, but it most... Read More »

Does everyone have an awkward stage where they aren't pretty?

well my face pretty much looks the same. my awkward stage was from like 12-16 when my body looked like a scrawney 12 year old boy, and i wore really awkward clothing that was not flattering, and di... Read More »

Can anyone give me alternative resources for end stage liver disease or where they can be located.?

You have not given any symptoms or details about the patient, I am a Homeopathic practitioner, can you please tell me what exactly is the patient feeling in the mean while I can tell you these thre... Read More »