Do tanning pills work?

Answer On One Hand: Sunless TanningYes, tanning pills are effective in tanning your skin. According to the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine, tanning pills contain large doses of the ... Read More »

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What Are the Dangers of Tanning Pills?

There are many options for a deep, dark tan, but with the warm glow comes potential dangers. The dangers of tanning pills have tanners questioning the safety of sunless alternatives. ... Read More »

How to Select Tanning Pills?

In recent years, tanning pills have been largely discredited, since no single supplement has been able to produce a natural-looking tan without additional exposure to ultraviolet rays. Some tanning... Read More »

Side Effects of Tanning Pills?

Many individuals are in search of the perfect tanning method, one that doesn't have any risk of skin damage and other side effects. Some have opted to tan their skin by ingesting non-FDA-approved t... Read More »

Can You Still Use Sunbeds When Taking Tanning Pills?

With all the new methods of tanning, two popular artificial tanning products include tanning pills and tanning sunbeds. With the growing popularity of these two products, one may question whether i... Read More »