Do tadpoles eat mosquito larvae?

Answer Yes, tadpoles do eat mosquito larvae. In fact, it is often recommended that you add tadpoles to a garden pond to help control a mosquito population. Besides eating the mosquito larvae, tadpoles eve... Read More »

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How to Kill Mosquito Larvae in a Pond?

While ponds may seem like a sound choice for a tranquil landscaping option, swarms of mosquitoes can destroy the peaceful atmosphere quickly. The female mosquito can lay up to 100 eggs, increasing ... Read More »

How to Raise Mosquito Larvae for Fish Food?

Some fish require live food to survive; some require live food to breed. Raising mosquito or midge larvae for this purpose is free, simple to set up, and requires minimal work. After you've determi... Read More »

Science Fair Projects on Killing Mosquito Larvae?

Mosquitoes are the bane of every evening outdoors. Various methods have been used through the years to control their numbers, but nothing has succeeded in completely eradicating the pest. Mosquitoe... Read More »

What will happen if someone accidently drinks water containing mosquito larvae?