Do surge hair products make hair grow?

Answer On One Hand: Powerful IngredientsSurge Hair Revitalizer Plus 14 is a combination of biotin proteins, keratin proteins and mucopolysaccharides (chains of sugar molecules that are found in mucus and ... Read More »

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Is there any hair products that make your hair grow?

No, hair grows from the inside out, so the only way to "make it grow" is to be healthy. It won't necessarily grow faster, but if you are healthy, your hair will be healthy. Eat good foods, drink w... Read More »

Can certain products..make you grow hair ..I have a fiance ..that is now very hairy.?

It's just the full moon, it'll all be gone soon.You could catch it and sell it on Ebay for Spell Kits !

How to Make Hair Grow Fast With Household Products?

Hair grows approximately ½ of an inch each month, or a total of 6 inches each year. The strength and appearance of hair is altered by how you treat it and the food you ingest. Constantly coloring,... Read More »

What are some hair products that grow hair faster?

They don't exist, anymore. Some came out in the nineties but they went off the market because they didn't work. The best way you can make your hair grow faster or at least grow out healthier and st... Read More »