Do supermarkets throw food out everyday if so what time?

Answer You have to look for rotten food but waste time on your computer? Instead get a job!

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Up to what time may supermarkets in England sell alcohol?

Each supermarket has it's own license from the local council, some have a 24hr license.

Why are we not "told" what foods are irradiated and modified by the supermarkets at time of purchase?

I understand EU countries do require these foods to be labeled. In the US, a few big food-producing corporations have too much power over our govt. But the fight continues. They fought against n... Read More »

What food places throw food out at the end of the day (california)?

hi blue burger king,mic ds, and so on hope this helps

What if your intelligence analyst told you he is observing a unit that travels to its refueling point the same time and way everyday and he believe you can destroy them with one air strike this time?