Do superchargers increase gas mileage?

Answer A supercharger forces extra air into the engine than would naturally enter it, increasing the ratio of air-to-fuel. Therefore, it increases gas mileage if the engine is at a reasonable rpm.Source:S... Read More »

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Do superchargers add fuel mileage?

Superchargers do not increase fuel mileage. In fact they decrease fuel mileage because they are using the engine's power to provide more air intake. Superchargers increase engine performance at the... Read More »

Do superchargers improve gas mileage?

In theory, installing a supercharger will increase your gas mileage. If you install the supercharger for increased performance, and you drive in a manner that engages the turbo boost of the charger... Read More »

How to Increase Your Car's Mileage and Use Less Gas?

Driving habits, the type of vehicle and the conditions under which it’s driven all affect it’s environmental performance. With that in mind, here are our top tricks to make your car greener and... Read More »

Car Mods to Increase Gas Mileage?

More than going fast, more than looking good, more than sitting in comfy, microfiber, leopard-skin seat covers -- most people are more interested in saving gas than in modifying their car for anyth... Read More »