Do sunflower grow better in pots or in ground?

Answer In the ground.

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Do petunia flowers grow better in pots or in the ground why?

How petunia plants grow totally depends upon the amound of sun, water and fertilizer they receive.

What kind of sunflower seeds are used to grow the sunflower greens?

Sunflower seeds for planting come in two main types. The first kind has a shiny black shell and is used for planting sunflowers with high oil content in the seeds, for use in bird seed mixes and su... Read More »

Can i transplant my flowers from pots to the ground on a hot day?

Transplant flowers on a hot day later in the afternoon when the sun is not shining directly on the garden. This will give the transplants time to acclimate to the garden without being stressed by t... Read More »

Can you plant flower bulbs in pots inside or do they have to go in the ground?

Planting Flower Bulbs in Pots InsideSummer bulbs can be planted inside. Bulbs are planted in the fall, placed in small pots, and covered with tin foil to block the light. Place them in the refriger... Read More »