Do studio apartments have bedrooms?

Answer Although you may find some variation, a studio apartment is generally defined as an open-plan space with one large room meant to be a combined living room, bedroom and dining area. Studio apartment... Read More »

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Design for Studio Apartments?

Designing a studio apartment is tricky. You must find the middle ground between dividing the space into different rooms and making the space feel too small. With the right design plan, you will hav... Read More »

Ideas for Studio Apartments?

Studio apartments are by definition very small, with no more than a single main room serving as a living area/bedroom, a kitchenette and a tiny bathroom. Living comfortably in one requires making t... Read More »

Do beats studio work only in the studio or can you use it on electronics like I have an iPad mini it work?

Studio is just the model. You can use them anywhere, and if fact probably do not want to show up in a real recording studio with them.

Can Bedrooms Have Stairs?

Yes, bedrooms can definitely have stairs. Stairs help to make the transition from one level to another in a house, whether that level is a whole story or just a couple feet's difference between two... Read More »