Do strawberry plants have thorns?

Answer No, the plant we usually get strawberries from is thorn-less. There is a Strawberry Tree that has thorns, but this is not the usual source of strawberries.

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Plants With Thorns & Fruits?

A wide variety of plants have thorns to protect the fruit they bear. The plants that produce commercial fruits regularly farmed for consumption have been bred to remove those thorns so that the fru... Read More »

Plants With Thorns in West Virginia?

West Virginia is home to a wide variety of lush plant life, some of which is prickly. Learning to identify plants is an activity that children and adults can participate in while enjoying the great... Read More »

How much sun do strawberry plants need?

Strawberry plants need full sun. This generally means at least 6 hours of direct light in a 24-hour period. Plant them in the evening or on a cloudy day, however, as this gives the plants a chance ... Read More »

How much are strawberry plants?

In a garden centre they should cost 1-2 pounds like in homebase they cost 99p ask someone if your not sure