Do strawberries grow back every year?

Answer yes

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How do you get back at your 8 year old sister that gets you in trouble every year?

if she does a prank on you....turn it around so that she'll get the blame.

Do walnut trees grow walnuts every year?

Yes, they do but this depends a little on the variety and how the tree is managed. They tend to bear more heavily on alternate years, but this can be helped by thinning the crop quite a lot in the ... Read More »

Do moss roses come back every year?

Moss roses (Portulaca grandiflora) are annuals, which mean that they complete their life cycle in one year. The moss roses grow, flower, seed themselves and die off. The annual flowers may come bac... Read More »

Do annual plants come back every year?

Annual plants do not survive to come back another year if not allowed to self-seed. Annuals complete their life cycle in one year. The flowers, leaves and roots die at the end of the season. Only s... Read More »