Do starfish live in the abyssal zone?

Answer The abyssal zone lies in the permanent cold darkness of the deeper ocean layers ranging in depth from about 4,000 meters to as deep as 6,000 meters where the abyssal plain forms the bottom. Echinod... Read More »

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Where does the crown of thorns starfish live?

The Crown of Thorns starfish is found in shallow water throughout the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Australia's Great Barrier Reef has experienced periodic major infestations since the 1960s, to the p... Read More »

What Planting Zone(Plant Hardiness Zone) do you live in according to the USDA Hardiness Map?

Do you live in the Goldilocks Zone?

That would definitely be in the Salinas Valley in California. Mama, Papa, and Baby Bear all agree. lol

What zone does the triggerfish live in?

There are around 40 species of triggerfish, and most of them inhabit the coral reef zone, where they can feed on a variety of invertebrates. Others, such as the ocean triggerfish, can be found in t... Read More »