Will rat poison work on squirrels [I want to kill off the squirrels; not release them to destroy elsewhere]?

Answer Next time you see your therapist, tell him or her that the tablets are not working. Because the destructive squire delusion is still plaguing your mind. I could understand you wanting to control ro... Read More »

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How do squirrels keep their nuts safe from other squirrels?

Eating Habits: The average adult squirrel must eat about a pound of food a week to remain healthy. They are omnivores, so they will eat things such as: birdseed, spring bulbs, tree buds, frogs, sma... Read More »

Do you like squirrels.. Do you think squirrels are cute?

According to my friend, they are evil hellspawn that are amassing an army to take the world from humanity.

How can I get rid of squirrels?

A survey of the net found the following 13 home remedies that people have used to repel squirrels. * Nutmeg and cinnamon * Peppermint oil * Capacin * Jalapeño peppers (mashed in blende... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Squirrels?

Squirrels. They are everywhere. They eat the food we leave out for indigenous birds, they eat the nuts that fall from out trees, and when forced to, the pick through our garbage. Here are a few tip... Read More »